Belli All Day Moisture Body LotionĀ 

A luxurious emollient cream that deeply moisturizes, soothes and conveniences dry skin. Features lemon oil which was known for its uplifting qualities Chamomile soothes and refreshes Includes Vitamin E as an antioxidantYou require pampering. Your developing baby specifications protecting. Have both with Belli Pregnancy. Experience complete pampering for your human body and head with Belli maternity. Indulge and soothe your skin with our luxurious formulations, produced specifically for expecting moms. Convenience your mind with the knowledge that Belli assists advertise safe pregnancies, guarding against birth defects by eliminating harmful formulation. Because that s what Belli was all about pampered security. Letter from Dr. Jason RubinFounding PhysicianSome typical skincare ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream stream, where they can pass into baby s circulation. Belli PREGNANCY is the only line in the globe that teratology screens each ingredient to help guard against birth defects. Every item are allergy tested, and no-cost of artificial dyes and parabens. I developed the Belli collection to help keep my spouse and infant secure. Today I desire to promote our science with you. All time Moisture Body cream deeply moisturizes, comforts and soothes dry, itchy skin. Functions the essential oil of lemon, which was known for its uplifting attributes and aroma therapeutic capability to calm upset stomachs. Chamomile softens and refreshes. Belli was the only company in the globe to perform teratology screening of our formulation to help guard against birth defects. Our greater protection standards make Belli the 1 recommended brand by OB GYNs.Every Belli product are allergy tested, no-cost of synthetic dyes and paraben preservatives. Belli products feature natural organic components whenever possible. We do not perform any screening on animals.Many women will experience dry, itchy skin during their pregnancies xerosis. After getting out of the bath, be certain to use a rich lotion such as All time Moisture human body Lotion, which helps secure in your skin s normal moisture.Belli provides balanced skin care solutions that pamper and protect. Belli collections Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood and Belli Baby address the certain specifications of each stage, with thoughtful attention to the safest formulations. 1 Recommended Pregnancy Skin treatment Collection Among OB Gyns Dr. Jason Rubin is a healthcare expert on Skin Care Ingredient security Belli is the Safest solution for Pregnancy, Motherhood & child Skin Care Belli maternity Avoids Ingredients Linked to Birth Defects Belli Motherhood Avoids Ingredients that are Harmful While Breastfeeding Belli Baby uses just the Purest Ingredients for Baby s Sensitive Skin Belli Does Not Perform Any Testing on pets the Love of Pregnancy, Motherhood and infants Guides Everything We Do Belli merchandise are Free of Synthetic Dyes and Paraben Preservatives.100 free of phthalatesMade in the USABelli Materna
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