Belli Elasticity Belly Oil 

Your need pampering. Your developing baby requirements protecting. Have actually both with Belli Maternity. Knowledge total pampering for your human body and mind with Belli Pregnancy. Indulge and soothe your skin with our luxurious formulations, created specially for pregnant mothers. Ease your head with the insights that Belli assists promote safe pregnancies, guarding against birth defects by getting rid of harmful formulation. Because that s exactly what Belli are all about pampered security. Letter from Dr. Jason RubinFounding PhysicianSome typical skincare components are absorbed into your bloodstream stream, where they can pass into baby s circulation. Belli PREGNANCY was the only line in the globe that teratology displays each element to assist guard against birth defects. Every goods was allergy tested, and free of synthetic dyes and parabens. I developed the Belli collection to help keep my wife and child safe. Now I wish to share our science with your. Elasticity Belly Oil is a luxurious blend of medically researched components that helps protect against stretchmarks. Lavender and sweet almond oil soothe and calm the senses, while nourishing and moisturizing to help skin extend without damage. Features Supplement E and Gotu Kola extract. Belli is the only company in the world to perform teratology screening of our formulation to help guard against birth defects. Our greater security requirements render Belli the 1 suggested brand by OB GYNs. Every Belli product was allergy tested, free of synthetic dyes and paraben preservatives. Belli products function normal organic formulation whenever possible. We do not perform any testing on animals. During maternity your uterus will develop quickly, stretching the skin over the stomach and tearing the connective tissues in the dermis, possibly resulting in stretchmarks striae gravidarum. Many dermatologists recommend moisturizing and massaging the stomach to lessen stretchmarks. The only published analysis article centered on stretchmark prevention showed that a fusion of Gotu Kola extract, supplement E, and Collagen Hydrolysates decreased the danger of getting stretchmarks by about 39. All of these ingredients can feel found in Belli Elasticity stomach Oil. Belli provides balanced skin care solutions that pamper and protect. Belli collections Belli maternity, Belli Motherhood and Belli infant address the certain specifications of each stage, with thoughtful interest to the best formulations. 1 Ideal Maternity Skin Care Collection Among OB Gyns Dr. Jason Rubin was a healthcare Authority on Skin treatment Ingredient Safety Belli is the Safest option for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Baby Skin Care Belli Maternity Avoids Ingredients Linked to Birth Defects Belli Motherhood Avoids Formulation that are Harmful While Breastfeeding Belli infant utilizes only the Purest Components for Baby s fragile Skin Belli Does Not Perform Any Testing on Animals The Love of Pregnancy, Motherhood and Children Guides Everything We Do Belli items are Free of Synthetic Dyes and Paraben Preservatives. 100 free of phthalatesBelli Materna
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