Johnson's Baby Safety Swabs 

New Shaped For Safety 100 Cotton Clinically Verified Safer for Children Johnson s Safety Swabs are specifically created to take the guesswork out of the important task of cleaning and drying infants and children s ears. Safer for children, safer for you. Additionally ideal for applying make up and ointments. Render Johnson s Safety Swabs your family s solution for everyday skin care, child treatment and ear treatment use. Made from only 100 pure, non chlorine bleached cotton. Concerns or commentary Please contact us at 1 800 526 3967 or check out our website at WarningsCaution whenever utilizing on ears. Usage gently to remove noticeable soil and wax around external surface of the ear. Inserting into the ear canal can cause damage. Incorporate just as directed. Improper use can cause injury. Keep out of reach of infants and younger kids. This item is not a toy. J & J CCI
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