Alpen All Natural Muesli, No Sugar Added 

A Pure, Healthy means to Start Your DayDietary FeaturesExcellent Source of Fiber42g of Whole Grains88 of Your frequent Whole Grain NeedsNon GMOVery minimal SodiumExcellent Source of PhosphorusLacto Ovo VegetarianNo Artificial tastes, Colors, or Preservatives0g Trans Fat per ServingNo CholesterolKosherSince the 1960 s, Alpen s timeless blend of easy entire grains, fresh fruits, peanuts, and seeds has been a high energy morning meal favorite. Free from artificial preservatives, tastes, or colors. Alpen are a wonderful means to energize your time. All Natural MuesliMuesli meals date right back to late nineteenth century Switzerland, where they were first created to advertise optimum nutrition and offer as the cornerstone for a healthier lifestyle and wholesome foods plan. With these lofty objectives in brain, Alpen had been launched in the 1960 s and it s been a family favorite ever since.Alpen No Sugar Added was an easy, satisfying way to restrict your glucose consumption. We mix benefit rich whole grain rolled oats, barley, and wheat flakes with toasted hazelnuts, sliced almonds, and raisins for a naturally sweet flavor that s hearty and delicious.Alpen No glucose Added is packed with whole grain dietary fiber and supplies you with 7 grams of protein per helping. Enjoy Alpen hot or cool with milk or try it with fresh fruit and yogurt for a healthier on the go snack.Heart HealthySoluble fiber from food such as oats and barley, as role of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may lessen the threat of heart condition. A serving of Alpen Original supplies 0.82g of the 3g per time of soluble fiber from oats and barley needed per day to need this effect.Go Whole Grains Whole Grain, 42g or additional per serving. The Whole Grains Council is North America s only non profit recommend of whole grain nutrition.Green solution 100100 Recycled100 Clean Energy100 Carbon NeutralTrees Saved 5499Water Reduced 29, 548, 888 GallonsLandfill Reduced 2, 058, 616 Lbs.Net Greenhouse Emissions 0 Lbs. CO2 EquivalentEnergy Reduced 22, 933 Millions of BTUsClean Energy 100 By making use of 100 recycled GreenChoice 100, Weetabix North America helps to lessen the levels of energy used when creating their cartons. As calculated by the Environmental Defence papers Calculator. This carton is made from 100 recycled cardboard. Minimum 65 post consumer content.This product is sold by body weight not volume. Some settling of articles may have happened during shipping and handling.Made in CanadaWarningsContains wheat, milk, almonds, and hazelnuts. Made on gear that also manufactures products containing soy and coconut. Weetabix of Canada, Ldt.
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