Kalorik 21 Bottles Wine BarĀ 

With its 21 bottle capability, this dual zone wine cooler stores wine at optimal temperature and humidity circumstances, keeping it safe and ready to enjoy. Digital manages with an LCD display make it effortless to ready the temperature. The unit s higher zone offers two values and can become ready from 44 1 2 to 53 1 2 degrees F, while its lower zone offers four levels,, and can be set from 53 1 2 to 64 1 2 degrees F. Both insulated temperature zones provide wood racks to cradle and display the bottles of wine. Furthermore, the device comes with a state of the art thermoelectric cooling system, which avoids vibrations triggered by compressor cooling systems. Such vibrations disturb the sediments in wine, disrupting the aging process. Without vibration, kept wine can age obviously. Also most, the unit s environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooling system uses no Freon, which can feel harmful to the planet has energy effectiveness, only using about as much energy as a 75 watt light bulb and delivers ultra quiet operation with minimal sound created from the just moving part the ventilating fan. Various other thoughtful details incorporate soft interior LED lighting with an on off switch, automated defrost, a Celsius and Fahrenheit switch, a stainless steel door, an adjustable levels foot, and a door with double paned tempered cup and metallic silver trim. Stop ruining your great wines through wrong space PLEASE NOTE This product has been built to U.S. electronic devices specifications and may want extra changes or converters to feel used in countries various other than the U.S. and Canada.Kalorik
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