Stamina Pilates Box & Pole Model 05-0025 

The Pilates Box and Pole add-ons compliment and enhance the Pilates exercise methods produced by Joseph Pilates. Utilized in conjunction with your Pilates reformer, the package and Pole assists in supporting and stabilizing your entire body and increasing your sense of poise and control.By adding elevation to your Pilates exercises, the durable, padded Pilates box allows one to include most complex combinations of muscle tissue, bringing you greater freedom and range of movement. The extendable Pilates pole assists in standing exercises, allowing one to concentrate on single leg exercises without reduction of balance. The included exercise movie provides complete instructions on just how to incorporate the Pilates package and Pole. A strap is also included. Properties package, strap, and pole included Instructional movie included Solid wood construction Padded, upholstered cover Handles on both stops of Box for easy portability Recommended use utilize with your Pilates reformer for intermediate and advanced workouts. Advances range of motion, flexibility and strength Specs Material Wood frame Box with padded plastic furniture. Metal pole. Item color s Black convenience elements Vinyl, padded upholstered box. Adjustable size pole. Targeted training Strengthens complete human body, improves freedom and range of movement Includes package, pole, strap, instructional video Assembly No assembly needed Warranty Information 90 daysStamina
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