P3 International Attack Wave Pestrepeller 

Keep insects Out of Your House The assault Wave Pestrepeller are an effective, user friendly and environmentally safe means to combat rodents. The product creates strong sound force in the air, attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents causing them to abandon their food resources and shelters. Powerful Ultrasonic SoundHarmless to Humans & Pets Environmentally FriendlyLow Power ConsumptionMaintenance FreeThe ultrasonic sounds continually penetrate up to 5, 000 unobstructed square legs. In addition, the assault Wave Pestrepeller utilizes automatic wave difference, minimizing the possibility that bugs become immune to the sound. Inaudible and harmless to people and common pets, this device runs totally chemical and battery no-cost, creating it the easiest means to keep bugs on the run.Specifications Model P7816Power Supply 110 VAC DC AdapterPower intake 1.5 WFrequency 30, 000 to 65, 000 HzSound Pressure 110 dB Approx.Effective Angle 260 degreesEffective Range 4, 000 5, 000 square feetWeight 5.75 ozDimensions 43 4 x 4 x 23 4 Do not make use of in the existence of gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more rodent animals. Specifications subject to change without notice.Made in TaiwanPlease Note This item has been built to U.S. electronic devices specifications and may require additional adjustments or converters to become utilized in nations other than the U.S. and Canada.P3 Worldwide Corporation
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