Almased Synergy Diet Powder 

Speeds Up and Improves Your Metabolism Soy Milk Honey Very Minimal Glycemic Load 4 Minimal Glycemic Index 27 Proven Safe and Practical for Diabetics Reduce pounds, inches & fat Revitalize energy Restore wellness with Almased Supported by 20 many years of experiences and research Made in Germany with a patented enzymatic fermentation procedure created to feel consumed quickly into the bloodstream. Safeguards muscle tissue mass while losing fat. Further pros of probiotics and enzymes aid in digestive and immune system function. Diet programs reduced in saturated fat and cholesterol levels that include 25 grams of soy protein a time may decrease the threat of heart disease. One serving of Almased provides 25 grams of soy protein. Clinically Tested & Approved Patented Fermentation Process All Natural Non GMO These statements have actually not been evaluated by the meals and medicine management. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, treatment or prevent any disease. WarningsThis package is offered by pounds not volume. Contents may settle during transport. If you are or might feel allergic to one of the formulation or would like to bring Almased on a long term basis, please consult your doctor or health treatment expert or call toll free 1 800 256 2733Almased USA, Inc.
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