Walgreens Soft Foam Ear PlugsĀ 

Unique convenience Fit Foam32 Noise decrease Rating50 PairHypo Allergenic FoamBlocks Noise & SnoringDisposableSleepStudyWorkTravelSportsLoud EventsDoes Not include organic LatexOne Size Fits Many General cause earplugs designed to protect your hearing.Attenuation Data Tested According to ANSI S.3.19 1974Frequency HzMean Attenuation, dBStandard Deviation, dB12535.64.925037.74.550041.14.4100039.53.7200038.52.7315043.52.8400044.54.0630048.14.3800047.23.7NRR 32 dBThe amount of noise entering a person s ear, once hearing protector is used as directed, is closely approximated by the distinction between the A weighted ecological noise degree as well as the NRR.Example The environmental noise levels as calculated at the ear is 92 dBA, the NRR is 32 decibels dB, the levels of noise entering the ear is approximately equal to 60 dBA. Noise Reduction Rating 32 decibels when used as directedThe range of noise decrease reviews for present hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30 greater numbers denote greater effectiveness. 1 866 786 2353Made in USA100 Satisfaction assured with all Walgreens items or your funds back. WarningsFor noise environments dominated by frequencies below 500Hz, the C weighted environmental noise level should become utilized. Poor fit of this product will reduce its effectiveness in attenuating sound. Consult the enclosed instructions for appropriate fit. Although hearing protectors can feel suggested for protection against the harmful results of impulsive sound, the sound decrease score NRR is created on the attenuation of constant noise and may not be a precise indicator of the protection attainable against impulsive noise such as gunfire. Constant or repetitive publicity to impulsive noise may lead to serious damage, like temporary or permanent deafness. The Noise decrease score NRR determined from the attenuation data are 32 dB. Earplugs must become properly fitted to attenuate sound effectively. Refer to directions. Walgreen Co
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