Walgreens Sterile Saline Solution Twin PackĀ 

A Thimerosal Free Preserved Saline SolutionTwo sterile 12 fl oz containers Rinsing, storage, temperature thermal disinfection For use with everyday and extended wear soft hydrophilic contact lenses particularly for sensitive vision Thimerosal free formula A sterile, isotonic, buffered solutionIt is a safe and effective goods that eliminates loosened debris from the lens whenever used as a rinse after cleansing. It additionally removes present calcium deposits, and prevents brand new deposits from accumulating, once used as directed in heat thermal disinfection. Walgreens saline solution was an effective rinsing solution once utilized with chemical not heat and hydrogen peroxide disinfection, and as a diluent for enzymatic cleaning pills. 2 12oz 355 mL Bottles Total Net Wt 24oz 710 mL 100 Satisfaction assured with all Walgreens goods or your cash back. WarningsIf you are sensitive to any ingredient in this item, do not utilize. Precautions Never re use this solution. Keep the container tightly shut when not in usage. Store at room heat. Use before the expiration time marked on the carton and bottle. Warning See inside of carton for crucial safety information. Walgreen Co.
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