Biotene Dry Mouth Gum, Sugar Free, Mint 

Suggested for Folk Who Endure From Dry Lips Irritations. When used every day, the active enzymes in Biotene can become effective in protecting your teeth between brushings. Natural Enzyme Protection Relieves Oral Dryness Reduces Odor Causing Bacteria Safeguards Between Brushings Decreases Plaque Hygienists, Nurses Voted 1 Glucose Complimentary Mint Effectively assists to lessen odor causing germs and plaque film Did your understand that one of the more important elements of increased dental cavities, bad breathing and gum disease was the decrease in your saliva flow Biotene was an all normal, effortless to chew enzyme gum that boost and strengthens your mouth s natural defenses. Biotene Dry Mouth Gum can become helpful between brushings whenever when away from house. Specially developed to help prevent plaque Successfully fights the causes and effects of bad breath Doesn t stick to dental efforts. Naturally sweetened with Xylitol Covers no saccharin For additional information call toll free 1 888 BIOTENE GlaxoSmithKline
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