FUTURO Comfort Lift Ankle Support, MediumĀ 

Brand new and Improved Helps supply dependable help to weak or injured ankles Created for all time comfort Help Your Active Lifetime Power Knit Material Anatomical shape for optimal fit & joint protection Breathable, dual stretch Power Knit materials for comfort Comfort panel reduces bunching behind the heel Fits comfortably in shoe. Usage This Futuro convenience Lift Ankle help is created to provide help to stiff, weak or injured ankles. Wear during activities which lead to discomfort. Size Male or female, measure around the heel as well as the instep. Tiny 10.0 12.5 in 25.4 31.8 cm Moderate 12.5 15.0 in 31.8 38.0 cm Big 15.0 17.5 in 38.0 44.5 cm Developed in collaboration with a panel of physicians, surgeons and health authorities. Futuro offers a broad range of large premium items. Each was created to provide optimal support, convenience and fit. Futuro guarantees its items to feel of the highest top quality. If you ought to receive a defective product, please wash and return it for replacement or full replacement value Please contact the make for additional suggestions WarningsIf discomfort or aches outcomes, continues or improves, discontinue use and consult a physician. This item contains normal plastic latex which may cause sensitive responses. Futuro
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