ITA-MED Rib Support for Women, Large, White 

Help items for a healthier way of life. Product Features and Advantages Elastic Rib Support for ladies RSW 224 helps stabilize rib & sternum fractures by restricting expansion through compressionProvides help & compression to the muscle groups & smooth tissue of the rib cage weakened by stress, trauma, overuse, inactivity or surgeryLimits the expansion for chest to advertise healingProvides comfort & encourages much more controlled respiration to assist lessen pain6 height, this rib belt can be worn inconspicuously under most clothingBreathable elastic materials & stress sensitive closures create enhanced fitHighly recommended by Doctors for use following stress, trauma, overuse, inactivity or surgery. Circumstances rib fractures, sternum fractures, chest aches, stress, trauma, overuse, inactivity, operation. Made in USA International Trade Alliance
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