Walgreens Children's Probiotic PacketsĀ 

NewWalgreens Pharmacist Recommended Well at Walgreens Digestive Support 1.5 Billion Active Cultures Per Serving Helps Support Children s Natural Defense Systems Flavorless & Simple to TakeYour child s still developing intestinal balance can be disrupted by nonbeneficial bacterium, causing digestion stress. Frequent probiotic supplementation can help naturally establish and restore the correct stability between good and nonbeneficial bacterium in the intestinal treat and help lessen occasional digestive discomfort.Walgreens Children s Probiotic Packets include two of the more active, safe and effective probiotic strains to help market healthy digestion and to help support a healthy immune system, while advertising overall wellness. 1 866 307 9794 Walgreens Pharmacist Survey research, November 2012. Contains a minimal on 1.5 billion live bacteria once manufactured and provides an effective amount until at minimum the better utilized By date, supplying proper handling and storage space instructions are implemented. These statements have not been examined by the ingredients and medication management. This goods is not meant to diagnose, treat, treat or prevent any condition. 100 Satisfaction assured with all Walgreens goods or your money back.WarningsTamper evident. Carton sealed for your security. Do not utilize if packet are available or torn. This product does not contain any lactose, soy or gluten. This product is to feel utilized under adult supervision only. Keep out of reach of children. Not meant for kids under one 1 12 months of age. Do not give this product to children with immune issues unless directed by a doctor. We ideal you consult your physician or healthcare expert with any healthcare questions. Bring this product only as directed. Shop at room heat in a dry place away from direct sunlight. For better outcome, we recommended your put this item in the initial packaging. Tamper evident. Carton sealed for your protection. Do not incorporate if packet are open or torn. Walgreen Co
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